Jade Lubricants - Enviro_friendly  Rock Drilling Lubricants

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Jade Lubricants - Enviro-Friendly Rock Drilling Lubricants


Jade Lube Rock Drilling Lubricants - 5 Gallon Pail

In extensive laboratory and field studies Jade Lube Rock Drilling Lubricant reduced friction by as much as 50% while reducing wear by orders of magnitude over conventional oil-based lubricants.

Jade Lube Rock Drilling Lubricants are specially formulated for use in the oil, gas, water well, quarry, aggregate, dimensional stone, construction and mining drilling industries.

Jade Lube Rock Drilling Lubricants are Environmentally Safe and contain no Petroleum products.

Jade Lube's LOW-VISCOSITY formula ensures that the lubricant is efficiently atomized into the high pressure air stream to fully coat and protect all moving parts and seals. (EVEN AT SUB-FREEZING TEMPURATURES)

Our lead Chemist invented this product using a proprietary method of "Matched Molecular Chemistry" that insures an actual electric bond between metal surfaces and the lubricating molecules. This means that lubricity stays on the metal surface much longer than traditional petroleum and vegetable oils.

Jade Lube Rock Drilling Lubricants are particularly effective for DTH Hammer applications.

Jade Lube Cooling Lubricants are dedicated to insure cost savings in the form of lower fuel consumption, lower drill rod friction, reduced oxidation, and longevity of your drilling equipment.



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